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Friday Favorites - Week 395


How are you doing? The days are getting noticeably shorter and colder (at least here in Germany) so I'm featuring Merissa's 12 Tips to Save on Your Heating Bills from Little House Living this week.Personally, I hide under fluffy blankets, burn dozens of candles and drink hot chocolate to stay warm in winter 😍
Here are some other favourites of the week:
this selection of cute sugar scull craft ideas that Michele sharedSophie's great step-by-step tutorial for making basic sourdough – I just love her websitethis very interesting and intriguing but also disturbing Swiss documentary called More Than Honey that depicts nowadays massive commercial beekeeping in North Americathis fun 30-Day Cheatsheet for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) that Christine shared – I'm participating again this year!this gorgeous printable floral calendar for 2018 that Kristi created herself – wow!
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